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Drug Free Remedies for Motion Sickness

Let's get right to the point.  You landed on our web site because you or someone you know is dealing with Motion Sickness and looking for some relief.  So how can we help?

We have collected the most popular over the counter DRUG FREE solutions to relieve the symptoms related to motion sickness.  The products below fall into two categories, acupressure and herbal solutions to relieve sea sickness.  Both types of products are very effective drug free solution to reduce or eliminate sea sickness.  Just select the one that's most comfortable for you.  Since these products are all natural, more than one product can be used at the same time.     



Motion Sickness

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ACC-Stimulation Herbal Solutions

Relief Band  $94.99 NEW with Replaceable Batteries is an electronic watch device worn on the underside of the wrist.  It produces small electric pulses that stimulate the P6 Medium Nerve to relieve the nausea feeling associated with motion sickness.

bulletWith Replaceable Batteries

Relief Band Kit for $96.99 (Included Reliefband with batteries and gel tube). Plus 2 Extra Batteries and 1 Extra Gel Tube.

Motion Eaze: Motion Eaze uses natural oils applied behind the ear to relieve the symptoms of sea sickness (40 applications). $14.99





Quease Ease: Aromatic Inhaler to relieve motion sickness.  At the first sign of queasiness, take off the cap an take a couple of deep breaths.  Use as often as necessary. $18.99

Acupressure Solutions


Magna Bands are adjustable acupressure bracelets with an 900 gauss magnetic button on each band.  The magnetic button stimulates the P6 acupressure point blocking nausea associated with sea sickness. $25.00

Queasy Pops: Queasy Pops are effective due to our special formulation of essential oils from natural herbs and aromatherapy. $ 9.25

SEA Bands are a pair of elastic wrist bands with a small button attached.  The button is positioned to stimulate the P6 acupressure point to relieve the nausea associated with sea sickness.  $9.95

Sailors Secret : Natural Premium Ginger capsules that reduce the symptoms due to sea sickness (36 capsules). $ 9.95


A special treat for the ginger lover.Gin Gins hard ginger candy is the natural way to relieve sea sickness.  Take them with you wherever you go and enjoy them whenever you feel nauseated.  These double strength hard ginger candies are made with all natural ingredients and are the perfect candies at home or when traveling. $4.49